ALL-TAG Shoplifting Prevention Ink Tags 1000-pack with Detacher



Product Details

This offering is a complete set up for retailers without an alarming Shoplifting Prevention System.  The Ink Tag Pins are called “Benefit Denial Tags” because they protect soft goods without an alarm, or the necessity of installing an expensive system. 


  • Package Includes: 1,000 Shoplifting Prevention Ink Tag Pins with backing lock and detacher
  • Ink Tag Size: 41mm (1.6") outer shell
  • Pin Type: 5/8 inch stainless steel
  • Ink Liquid: Water based, non-flammable, non-dry cleanable, non-washable, non-freezable ink
  • Patented "Breakage Indicator Pane" on top of the Universal Ink Tag allows ink to be dispersed in all direction
  • The brushed metal deatcher easily releases EAS hard tags from the protected articles at point-of-sale


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