Avery Dennison Monarch® Mobile Printing Pathfinder® Solutions


The Avery Dennison Monarch® Pathfinder® printer combines scanning, printing and applying processes into a unique one-piece handheld solution for faster markdowns and promotional labeling at retail, or inventory management within manufacturing and distribution.

Retail Applications:

With up to 35% of apparel unit volume moving at discounted pricing, promotional pricing matters. Using the Pathfinder Solution, associates are able to perform markdown and promotional labeling with greater speed and accuracy than conventional red-pen techniques.

  • Pricing events are streamlined and completed on-time, the first time, with less associate handling
  • Faster and more accurate than using “red pens,” mechanical price labelers or portable “belt printers”
  • Improved accuracy ensures the ticket price is the price paid at checkout, ensuring a positive customer experience
  • More efficient pricing means more time for your staff to serve customers

Manufacturing and Distribution Center Applications:

The Pathfinder is an intelligent one-piece inventory management tool that allows users to quickly and accurately capture data, cross-dock, route, date code and perform compliance labeling, all of which can help reduce labor costs. The unique scan, print and apply feature of the Pathfinder outperforms competitor two-piece printer and data collections solutions. Because barcode scanning, labeling, printing and applying can be performed with just one hand, employees are able to spend less time handling items, increasing labeling speed and accuracy.

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