Basket Cart

$150.00 - $165.00
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Create the optimum shopping experience for customers with these shopping carts that hold customer's baskets.

This shopping cart,  Turns on a dime- only 16" wide, which makes it it great for narrow aisles, doubles as an easy-restocking cart & is great for use in any store or room.


Standard Shopping Basket:

  • 17.5"L X 14.8"W X 36"H
  • Holds 2 standard Baskets
  • Nest: 6.8" 
  • Weight: 16LBS

Large Shopping Basket:

  • 21"L X 15.8"W X 37"H
  • Holds 2 Large Baskets
  • Nest: 6.8" 
  • Weight: 21LBS 

Compatible with our Shopping Hand Baskets. Click here to shop.