Benefits of Monarch Labelers



The Monarch Brand Labeler is the most productive, reliable, durable, and easiest to use labeler in the marketplace. If that isn't enough reason to only insist on using Monarch Brand Labelers, here are several other great benefits:

  • Easy label loading and unloading (Drop in)
  • Covered supply (Prevents label damage)
  • Ergonomic design provides for less operator fatigue 
  • Clean & easy ink roller change (Snap-in, push button ejection)
  • Open & accessible inner cavity for clearing jams (Only Monarch)
  • Guard to protect the hand when applying labels
  • ABS plastic, same durable plastic used in the production of many vehicle parts
  • Red Touch Points for viewing areas of engagement
  • QR code for quick and easy access to loading instructions
  • Labeler customization – custom colors and branding- Call for more details
  • Made in the USA

Red Touchpoints:

We’ve made loading even faster and easier by adding red touch points in all the places you’ll use most, such as:

  • Trigger
  • Band selector
  • Cover latches
  • Hub carriers
  • Inner track latch
  • Liner guide opening

Red "touch points" are incorporated throughout the labelers to help guide the user through important tasks such as loading, clearing jams and removing the ink rollers. We also include an instructional video which is easily accessed by scanning the QR code conveniently located on the labeler.