The RAZE Restaurant Cutter


Product Details

 The RAZE® disposable safety cutter features:

  • Non-removable safety blade, remains in cutter
  • Blunt tip stainless steel safety blade – less likely to cause injury
  • Safety spring-back design. Clear safety guard automatically re-locks after each cut
  • Tape splitter for blade-less tape splitting. Reduces potential damage to user and merchandise
  • Comfortable ergonomic shape for better leverage and less strain
  • Valued priced - Package of 6

One RAZE® fits all: 

  • The RAZE® disposable safety cutter has two-button activation for right- or left-handed users, plus a third button for top power cuts! Guard will not retract unless one of the three buttons is depressed.
  • One-time release automatically prevents slip-off cuts. Push once to cut and cutter resets its hood automatically.
  • Our RAZE® Restaurant Cutter – an indispensable tool for every kitchen - NSF® certified food safe for use as a food service tool.